Charlie Bears Jackpot

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Charlie Bears Jackpot
Height: 40cm/15.5” :)
Made from: Alpaca
Fully Jointed 
Surface wash with care
Limited Edition of 400 pieces.
Bear family: Duddle
This is a Collectors item - Age 14+.

Supplied with:
A Brown Embroidered Canvas Isabelle Collection Bag

Truly, if ever there was one, Jackpot is a second glance bear and the fire engine red mohair makes him a wonder to behold and places him firmly on this list. He has a bib and collar, like his brother Duddle also in this collection, in a milky brown mohair. There is airbrushing detail to the nose and ears and little pieces of extra mohair above his eyes. He has tickly toes and sculpted paws and alpaca has also been introduced to accentuate his ears. He has proved very popular at the trade shows he has visited and I am sure will be a huge hit with our collectors.