Charlie Bears Plush Collection 2019 Broom and Sticks - CB195219O/5221O

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Charlie Bears Plush Collection 2019 Broom and Sticks - CB195219O/5221O


Approx 13" & 17"

Charlie Bears Plush Collection

Fully jointed & surface washable

Age 3+

Numbered Limited Edition of 1000

Due 3rd Quarter

Following on from their spookily popular Halloween Enchantment series in 2017, Charlie Bears are proud to present the second series which they have called their Magical cauldron collection. There are 4 new quirky characters this year to add to your enchanting hugs. Broom & Sticks our whimsical witch and her best friend broom are inseparable so do arrive as a pair. A selection of super soft fabrics have been used to create Broom with shades of moonlight purples, midnight blacks and firework pinks. She is fully jointed and has tickly toe detailing and a huge witch’s hat. Sticks too has been created as a jointed piece and has been created using soft fabrics in hessian and linen colours. Collected as a pair these are a limited edition set of only 1000 worldwide. For our collectors who love to own the full sets the 4 characters in this mini-series are named Broom & Sticks, Potions, Jack- O-Lantern and Whoooo. Both Broom and Sticks have been created using synthetic plush fabrics, they have been fully tested to meet all relevant toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and Australia and is recommended for collectors aged 3 years and above.




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