Charlie Bears Plush Secret Collection 2019 Ivan - CB191935A

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Charlie Bears Plush Secret Collection 2019 Ivan - CB191935A


Approx 18"

Charlie Bears Plush Secret Collection

Fully jointed

Hand wash cool with care

Age 3+

Using some of the most unusual plush found to date we often refer to this type of fabric as second glance as it has the appearance of a tightly woven mohair. We were thrilled to yet again stumble across the end of the rainbow with this wonderful fabric. Ivan has a timeless elegance about him and like with any fine wine we just know he will get better looking with age. With the main fabric being a deep cranberry red and complemented by mushroom greys Ivan also wears a matching organza ribbon bow and oversized bell. Ivan has fluffy toe detail and horseshoe shaped side stitched nose with the most beautiful deep set amber coloured eyes. Ivan has three other members within his family for collectors to enjoy named Ethel, Pearl & Victor, created using synthetic plush fabrics, he has been fully tested to meet all relevant toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and Australia and are recommended for collectors aged 3 years and above.