Charlie Bears Starsky

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Charlie Bears Starsky 
Height: 19.5" (50cm) 16.7 Bear Paws
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Surface Wash with Care
Limited Edition of 400 pieces
Bear family: Heritage and Dusty Paws
This is a Collectors item - Age 14+.

Supplied with:
A Brown Embroidered Canvas Isabelle Collection Bag 

For all super sleuths out there you will I am sure have spotted this new character which Charlie Bears have introduced into their teddy detectives mini series. Starsky is made from two types of mohair, a saddle brown wavy mohair to create his arms, legs and face and a two tone dark brown long pile mohair for his head and main body. He has sculpted paw pads, tickly toes and is loosely jointed which ia a favourite for many collectors. He has additional detail to his tummy and chest of two buttons and threads, something Charlie Bears have not done for a while now but do still get asked about. He has a fully sculpted face with deep set shiny black glass eyes and a beautful hand embroidered nose. He is most definately a perfect “huggy” bear!