Charlie Bears Tiddles

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6harlie Bears Tiddles

Height: 20cm/8” :)
Made from: Plush
Fully Jointed
Hand Was Cool with Care
Bear family:     Andy, Briz, Dave, Little Freddie, Tadam    

Age 3+

Although a small bear this little one has a huge personality just like his name sake, he is Kind and considerate. He is fully jointed with flat paw pads which enable him to stand on his own tiny paws. He has been created using a super soft tipped textured plush in tonal shades of greys. He has a hand trimmed face with tiny nose and mouth embroidery and small black eyes. His fixed accessories are simple and small with a discreet necklace and key pendant and a small hand tied ribbon bow. “Will’s big boys club” as they are known here at the Bearhouse (as all are named after William’s close circle of friends) Charlie could not resist creating these huge personalities in miniature. Most have now seen their namesakes and giggled at the miniature versions of their teddy bear selves.