Steiff Pepe' Le Pew - 355332

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Steiff Pepe' Le Pew - 355332
Mohair Pepé Le Pew made of finest mohair black/white standing 3-way jointed (arms and head)
surface washable with embroidered eyes
limited edition of 2,000 pieces with gold-plated "Button in Ear"
34 cm, item no. 355332
Due 04/2019
Weltweit Smooth. Slick. Seductive. Smelly. Pepé Le Pew thinks he’s make a great leading man, except his acting stinks; in fact, so does he. Pepé believes he’s irresistible to the ladies, but he doesn’t know that their running away is not being coy—it’s being terrified. But to Pepé, it’s the chase that makes a great romance. Just be sure you’re upwind.