Charlie Bears 2019 Bearhouse Lovell - BB193906

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Charlie Bears 2019 Bearhouse Lovell - BB193906


Approx 12"

Bearhouse Bears Collection (plush)

Non jointed

Machine wash @ 30c

Age 18 months+

Due 1st Quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar)

Did you know that the name Lovell actually means “little wolf cub” so it was an easy choice for Charlie when naming this little one, like foxes, wolves too are an incredibly popular design suggestion each year from our collectors so we are sure little Lovell will be a huge hit . Created using super snuggly plushes along with his softly filled body make him perfect for cuddling, his cloud whites and winter grey colouring help him camouflage seamlessly into his surroundings here in the Charlie Bears enchanted forest, his gentle expression and caring eyes show how Lovell could easily be your perfect loyal companion and like his other friends in the Bearhouse collection Lovell is machine washable.


Did you know that the name Lovell means 'little wolf cub'..?




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