Charlie Bears Gump

Charlie Bears

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Charlie 8ears Fraggle

Height: 18cm/7” :)
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Surface Wash with Care
Bear family:         Cuckoo, Fraggle, Midsomer, Pod, Teasel

Age 14+

So Cornwall, famous for our Cornish Pixies and Gnomes! Gnomes, are fun, friendly little characters and are tasked apparently with protecting the community they live in but they are mischievous and do like to cause mayhem wherever possible. The second of our Gnomes and made from a blend of both Alpaca and Mohair, this impish little character adorns an ivy green hat and boots (to keep his toes warm whilst trailing the forest) and a midnight blue tunic with a twig brown tie belt. He spends most of his day with teasel trying to misguide tourists and is known as a bit of a practical joker so everyone is always on their guard around him but he always has tales to tell on the log stumps every evening just before dinner which makes everyone smile with delight.