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Charlie Bears Mitzi

Charlie Bears

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Charlie Bears Mitzi

Height: 29cm/12” :)
Made from: Plush
Fully Jointed
Hand Was Cool with Care
Bear family:        Daphne

For any of our collectors who saw Flash and Snowball from our 2009 Isabelle mohair range you will instantly see the inspiration behind this new pussy cat pairing Daphne and Mitzi. These pantomime styled characters were adored by our collectors and Charlie wanted to add a few more to our family but this time include them in the plush collection. Each is fully jointed with flat paw pads so they can easily be displayed stood. They have thick, bushy long tails, small perky ears, glossy eyes and tiny handstitched pale pink noses. Soft whites, cool gingers and patches of soft greys plushes have been used to create Mitzi. She has a sheer pink ribbon and bell pendant necklace as her accessory and out of the two new characters is most definitely the cheeky one!

Age 3+