Charlie Bears Mothball

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Charlie Bears Mothball
Height:  33cm/13 :)
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Surface wash with care
Limited Edition of 400 pieces.
Bear family: Little Bear Lost and Nostalgia
This is a Collectors item - Age 14+.

Supplied with:
A Brown Embroidered Canvas Isabelle Collection Bag

Mothball truly needed to live up to his name which made it easier to design this little one as I knew exactly how I wanted him to look even before we had found a fabric. He needed a light straw coloured mohair, had to have plenty of additional shaving so we could create the bear to look as authentic as we could, tincy bit moth eaten so he could look like he really did need some help from the mothballs. We have used a simple canvas for his paw pads so again we could deliberately distress them with tear and repair details this would then ensure he could be given the appearance of a bear who had lived many years in an attic. He has shiny black glass eyes and a beautiful traditional black embroidered nose. He has been gently loose filled, again to create the illusion of a very tired old bear.