Charlie Bears Mr Cuddlefluff

Charlie Bears

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Charlie Bears Mr Cuddlefluff

Height: 15cm/6” :)
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Surface Wash with Care
Bear family:         Clockwork, Dec the Halls, Fairylights, Mr Cobbler, Poopenskoop, Teacup, Sugar mouse

Age 14+ 

Now you may not know this but as an elf (who lives at the North Pole) you normally would have one of three very important jobs you would be a shoemaker, a toymaker or look after Santa’s reindeer. Mr Cuddlefluff is our second elf who is our toymaker. Made from a soft blend of mistletoe green and fir tree brown mohair like the other characters he is also a limited edition of 1200. His accessories are his tiny velveteen hat and a festive coloured necklace.