Charlie Bears Nostalgia

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Charlie Bears Nostalgia
Height: 41cm/16inch :)
Made from: Mohair
Limited Edition of 400 pieces.
This is a Collectors item - Age 14+.
Bear family
: Little Bear Lost and Mothball.

Supplied with:
A Brown Embroidered Canvas Isabelle Collection Bag

He is your classic Charlie Bear Teddy. A long wispy toffee mohair has a full appearance but is still fine and delicate with the vintage feel that we wanted to bring with this collection. He has a black darn detail with additional patch shaving to his limbs and body and bright black eyes. The excessive shaving to his muzzle and inner ears and the canvas paw details finish his Attic Collection look. There is a beauiful quote from Charles Dickens that we have also used in the catalogue that describes this collection of bears perfectly “I have been bent and broken but I hope only into a better shape”.