Charlie Bears Tatum

Charlie Bears

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6harlie Bears Tatum

Height: 36cm/14” :)
Made from: Plush
Fully Jointed
Hand Was Cool with Care
Bear family:        

Age 3+

Tatum and Tegan are both named after two of the bear cubs who work at the Cubhouse in Australia. They have been loosely jointed so are playful in design and are perfect when displaying in hugs as they can be positioned in so many different ways. They both have sculptured paws pads with tickly toe detailing. Over stitching has been used on their tiny noses and eye whites added to create the signature Charlie Bears “who me?” look and of course as you would expect both are fully cuddle trained! Tatum has been made using a mixture of soft greys and browns with subtle hints of silver and like Tegan, has a shoelace styled necklace and pendant.