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Charlie Bears Tennison - SJ5811

Charlie Bears

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 Charlie Bears Tennison-   SJ5811

Height: 51cm (20” :)
Made from: Mohair
Fully Jointed
Limited Edition of 300
Surface wash with care

Age 14+

What a handsome Panda Tennison is, he is made from mohair in ginger with a dark tipping and a rich cream with some ginger airbrushing, he has black soulful eyes with a white backing, a neat brown hand-stitched nose and wears a beautiful matching organza bow with a knotted cord necklace of buttons a heart and a small key.

Presented with a Charlie Bears Brown Embroidered Collectors Bag.

Continuing Charlie Bears series of "Teddy Detectives" from previous years, in 2018 they added the glorious Tennison. This Panda is inspired by a gripping detective drama - can you guess which one?