Steiff Albert Einstein Teddy Bear - 355721


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Steiff Albert Einstein Teddy Bear  - 355721

Is made of the finest beige mohair

5 - way jointed 

Surface washable

Safety Eyes

Stuffed with synthetic filling material

With Gold-plated "Button in Ear"

Height 35cm

Limited edition of 3,000 pieces

The famous theoretical physicist, best known for developing the theory of relativity, was born 14 March 1879 in Ulm 145 years ago. Margarete Steiff GmbH are proud to have such a legendary neighbour and are honoured to pay tribute to the genius man. In a gesture of playfulness, the unconventional free spirit stuck his tongue out at his pursuers – a moment that was captured by photographer Arthur Sasse. The picture quickly circulated around the world, becoming an iconic image. Here this renowned image is celebrated in a fabulously winning design. Einstein’s Famous Formula: E=mc² is embroidered on his foot pad.

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Presented in a Steiff Gift Box with Certificate of Authenticity.

Spring 2024 Collection