Steiff Ricky Cockapoo - 031557

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Steiff Ricky Cockapoo - 031557

Ricky Cockapoo is made from the finest light brown and white mohair

With Brass Plated "Button in Ear" 
Size 27cm Standing

Age 14+
Surface washable

EAN 031557

These friendly, teachable and spirited Cockapoos with their curly locks are also affectionately known as “teddy bear dogs”. Is it any wonder that Ricky Cockapoo found his way into the Steiff Classic range? We think not! The designers at the Steiff workshop made him with great attention to detail. Measuring 27 cm tall, our 1-way jointed, standing Ricky Cockapoo is an elegant little pup. His tousled, fine brown mohair, which runs from the top of his rotating head right down to his paws, as well as his stance and his relatively long legs all speak to the proud Poodle in him, while the white on his muzzle and chest create a pretty contrast. The longish hair on his muzzle is just as typical as the carefully airbrushed little patch on his jet black nose. Ricky Cockapoo subtly takes in the world around him and loves to find a quiet spot. He enjoys being stroked and is keen to show his affection.

 CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.